Canonical Link Element

Canonical Link Element

The following are essentially the same page:-

These could lead to:-

  1. Duplicate content issues.
  2. Splitting of links.

How to fix duplicate content issues?

  • Change your Content Management System (CMS) to generate only the URLs you want.
  • Pick one ”canonical” URL and ensure you link consistently within your website.
  • Make all the non-canonical URLs do a permanent (301) HTTP redirect to the canonical / preferred url.
  • Google’s Webmaster Tools: specify the preferred URL.
  • Break ties in Google by submitting your preferred URL in a Sitemaps file.
  • Use the new (2009)  This must go between <head> and </head>

<link rel=”canonical” href=>


Matt Cutts 2009 – First Video


Matt Cutts 2009 – Second Video

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