Google | SEO and Spam

Does Google consider SEO to be spam?

5 Aug 2011 Matt Cutts

The answer is no. SEO is not spam: There is an enormous amount you can do that is white hat as a search engine optimiser.

  • Make sure your pages are accessible to the search engines.
  • Use the right keywords.
  • Usability – making sure that the design of the website is good for users and for search engines.
  • Make your site faster. Google considers speed of download as an important factor.
  • Some SEOs go further than Google would like including black hat techniques that are unacceptable, or sneaky things with redirects.
  • Google’s goal is to return the best possible results.
  • Google is trying to find out about synonyms.
  • SEO can assist Google to provide the information people are looking for.
  • There are webmaster guidelines provided by Google.
  • If you can find someone you can trust with good references – use them.

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