Link Value and Age

Link Value Falls Over Time

There is evidence that Google rewards fresh content. – October 4th 2013:

So more and more of these cases Google is biasing to show recently published results, and, because of that, there are some opportunities for folks in the SEO field. If you’re seeing this kind of thing in the
results that you’re looking at, seeing a lot of dates, especially a lot of recent dates, in particular recent dates on published content that seems to not have the ranking ability that you would expect of the rest
of the pages, you could use something like the keyword difficulty SERPs analysis tool from Moz to kind of try and figure that out. This may be a real opportunity for you, and there are a few ways that you can take

Freshness also relates to the age of a link:-  January 2012:-

A guy by the name of SEOWizz, Tim Grice, who is over in the U.K., did a study about this.  I’ll link to it in the post below. He built a bunch of old links on old  pages, and he built a bunch of similar new links on new pages. He
compared the two. He compared the boost in rankings between those two, and what he found was this exact same thing, that the old links that he built just didn’t raise his rankings as much as the new links he built.
He concluded that old links just weren’t worth it anymore.

The recommendation is that you can place a new link on an old but authority webpage and gain value if the surrounding content is updated. Google will then accept that there is a reason for the new link whereas placing a new link within old content looks like link building.

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