Links from Link Sellers

Value of Link from Link Seller

If a site linking to mine gets caught selling links, what happens to my site?

 (1) The link seller’s web site will have PageRank downgrade 30 – 50% diminishing the value of its outgoing links.

(2) The link seller’s web site loses the ability to send PageRank going forward. – its links are discounted.

(3) As the links pointing to your web site from the link seller’s web site are no longer counted they no longer benefit your web site.

What is the effect of buying links from a link seller who is found out?

Matt didn’t discuss it in his 90 second video. Typically, this is how Google handles it, they simply stop those paid links from benefiting you, which will feel like a penalty.

For those who have bought links from the seller, those links are no longer of value.

Matt Cutts GoogleWebmasterHelp April 2013

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