NoFollow Links Value

Are nofollow links irrelevant?

“Are nofollow links worth getting? Or are they almost irrelevant?”

Nofollow links negate benefit with search engines but they are fine if you plan to have searchers arrive through such a link.

So if a blog uses nofollow links, they will not provide link juice but they may result in people coming to your website who may in turn provide a link.

The point is also made that backlinks are of value from the SEO point of view to increase rankings and traffic. But traffic from NoFollow links is still traffic.

Matt Cutts GoogleWbmasterHelp Feb 2010

Editor Comment – David Viniker

The best links are those that are placed by other webmasters on their sites to yours. A visitor who arrives on your webpage through a nofollow link is as likely to give you a natural link as one who arrives from a search engine results page.

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