PageRank Sculpting

What are your views on PageRank sculpting?

Generally speaking, the HomePage of a website has the most PageRank.

PageRank sculpting involves the link structure within the website to ensure that the most important internal pages receive the most link juice to increase their PageRank.

For example, a website has a HomePage with PageRank 4 and 4 internal pages.

If the HomePage links to all 4 internal pages, they would each receive 4/4 link authority units and have PageRank 1

But if the HomePage links to 2 internal pages, they would each have 4/2 link authority units and PageRank 2.

This is an oversimplification but shows the principal of PageRank sculpting.

PageRank sculpting is not unethical. It is stuff on your website and you are allowed to control how PageRank (link juice) flows around your website. It should not be given high priority.

It is preferable to work on getting

  • more links
  • higher quality content.

Matt would not recommend doing sculpting with nofollow except for a login page.

The idea is to take care on which pages to link to and from your homepage.

Matt Cutts GoogleWebmasterHelp May 2009

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