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Using Google Webmaster Tools like an SEO

Maile Ohye pretends to be the SEO of the GoogleStore (www.googlestore.com)

  1. Login to Webmaster Tools
  2. Sign up for email forwarding. It allows important messaging like Malware notifications or alerts for crawling issues.
  3. Find out the website’s objectives – in this case ‘online sales of Google merchandise’.
  4. Prioritise. Rather than trying optimising for everything, concentrate on product pages that already have visibility in the market.
    1. Use Webmaster Tools Search Queries to find the queries that are already doing well on search. We can * those that are receiving clicks.
    2. Maile goes on to show how she would make SEO changes to a product page that is doing well, a Meta description for example.
    3. She then looked at the Keywords option in the Webmaster tools. These show the keywords that are doing well on your site.
    4. HTML suggestions. Ensure that every webpage has a unique title and description.
    5. Look for crawl errors. This ensures that the benefits of external links are attributed to the right URL.
    6. Check internal links. The HomePage typically has the highest PageRank. Important pages on the site should have a link from the HomePage.
    7. Fetch as Googlebot to see that pages are retrievable and indexable.
    8. Site performance tool. The faster pages load the happier the user. Aim for under 2 seconds.


Maile Ohye – Google’s tech lead at Google’s Webmaster Central. January 2011

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